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Edward Elric by GirlRanger Edward Elric :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 6 0 Lust The Lascivious FMA by GirlRanger Lust The Lascivious FMA :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 4 0 Edward Elric by GirlRanger Edward Elric :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 16 2
Date - Levi x Reader
A/N This takes place after the expedition into wall Rose (???) It's been a while since I watched SNK so i'm very sorry for OOC characters or things that seem to not relate to the show. Also some angst I guess, so if that's not something you wanna read... Also some swearing just so you know.
You looked around at all the people around you, faces pale and gaunt in the flickering lights of the torches. Just yesterday evening the dining hall had been full of newly taken in recruits, laughing and joking people who seemed to not care of what might happen, or just masked their fear too well. Now the room seemed barren, less then half the people had survived today, and the unoccupied space unnerved everyone sitting there.
Everyone tried to remain silent, a few people crying quietly, heads buried in hands as they mourned dead companions or deathly injured soldiers. To you, this seemed like a special kind of hell, one where eve
:icongirlranger:GirlRanger 3 4
Me, anime style by GirlRanger Me, anime style :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 2 0 Doctor Who OC Poster: I Remember by GirlRanger Doctor Who OC Poster: I Remember :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 0 This Is Not What They Bargained For by GirlRanger This Is Not What They Bargained For :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 2 Doctor Who OC: The meeting by GirlRanger Doctor Who OC: The meeting :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 0
Valentines Day Special
Tom x Harry
Harry rushed around Knockturn Alley, it was Valentines Day, and he wanted to get his boyfriend something memorable. Besides, it was also their one year anniversary!
Shop owners goaded him into dark magic shops, trying to sell off useless love amulets and make him take the (not really) strongest love potions that would call out not only obsession but devotion.
Harry denied with grace, saying 'no thank yous' to all the pink hats that made the wearer love sick with themselves. Because he had eyes only for one shop, Burgin & Burkes, the shop that Tom Marvolo Riddle worked in before becoming the Minister Of Magic.
The bell tinkled quietly as Harry walked through into the dusty and old shop.
"hello"He greeted the shopkeeper with a grin, trying to flatten down his hair. The burly man eyed him hungrily, but Harry did not notice, or pretended not to anyways.
" Do you have what i ordered? "He asked, still smiling innocently. The shopkeeper grunted and put something on the counter.
:icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 0
Love?Ha! Chapter 1
Artemis woke up in her room, the early morning sunlight streamed through her drapes onto her bed.
 Today was September the 1st, also known as 'Emi's first day at Hogwarts' day. She was happy that she was finally going to a normal school with normal wizards and witches. Artemis rubbed her hand over her face, her trunk was all set and ready for today, and her wand lay on her bedside table.
 "Blackthorn wood, Chimera Scale Fragment core, 14 inches" Ollivander had said to her when she had grasped the wand, and Emi would never forget the rush of magic she had felt. He told her that that wand was meant for a person who was a warrior, but a child at heart, for someone who stood up for themselves and stuck strong to their beliefs. And that wand went through all the good and bad stuff with its owner, Artemis loved it, and treated it like a best friend.
 Emi shifted her legs slightly, dislodging Melody, her black cat. Melody purred, but didn't wake up, she loved her mistress'legs,
:icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 0
Young Loki by GirlRanger Young Loki :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 1 11
Mature content
The Date Tom RiddlexHarry Potter :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 1 0
Love? Ha! Prologue
There were seven main years in the Sahnar School for Magical Abnormalities and Prodigies, and Artemis just happened to be both.
       the first two years didn't matter at all, they were just for the purpose to let the Half-Breeds understand that they were wanted, even though some teachers didn't think so.
      The third was for their first exams, from which the results will decide on what careers was best for the students that took it were best accustomed for.
          The fourth was solely for job applications, even though pupils had three years to go, the search for a career always started early for an offspring, no one wanted one of them, they could be a danger for the environment, especially wizarding environment.
          Fifth year was always the most stressful, the children chewed their nails to the core with the anticipation of their job applications coming back, usually they did, with a bi
:icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 0
Things To Do For Harry Potter Freaks
1. In the middle of a lesson start humming a Harry Potter song, sometimes not at all nice (e.g Pureblood, Do It Like A Death Eater)
2. In maths or other boring class, randomly say that you wished do be in a magical class, even a really boring one. Like History of Magic
3. Start composing a letter to J.K Rowling and keep muttering how you want to be her child.
4. If someone bullies you, pick up a stick and shout "AVADA KEDAVRA!"
5. If the teacher asks were is your homework (or history paper,whatever)you answer "I was too busy fixing my broom to go to Hogwarts"
6. If you are in an exam and you are sure you'll fail, take out a stick or a wand (If you have one) throw the paper in the air and cry "Incendio!" dramatically.
7. Walk up to a teacher and pull an innocent face and ask, "What exactly is a function of a rubber duck?"
8. Beg your friends for money so you can raise enough to go to Hogwarts as a very rich squib and hope that they will except you.
9. Start saying that Umbridge should c
:icongirlranger:GirlRanger 0 2
OC: Artemis's First Kiss by GirlRanger OC: Artemis's First Kiss :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 1 17 OC:Liandra by GirlRanger OC:Liandra :icongirlranger:GirlRanger 1 21


Erza Nakagami armor drawing Fairy tail manga anime by nickperriny7mai Erza Nakagami armor drawing Fairy tail manga anime :iconnickperriny7mai:nickperriny7mai 180 131 Brotherhood by KaeldraaTheEpic Brotherhood :iconkaeldraatheepic:KaeldraaTheEpic 5 1 Our Road Ahead by NaSyu Our Road Ahead :iconnasyu:NaSyu 1,133 77 Destiel by BlueMagnet Destiel :iconbluemagnet:BlueMagnet 512 34 Masquerade - Sherlock (coloured) by Mi-caw-ber Masquerade - Sherlock (coloured) :iconmi-caw-ber:Mi-caw-ber 175 11 Trickster God Loki by Sasukes-seme-Itachi Trickster God Loki :iconsasukes-seme-itachi:Sasukes-seme-Itachi 46 20 Doctor Who Barbie World by VicLooksLikeAllie Doctor Who Barbie World :iconviclookslikeallie:VicLooksLikeAllie 105 24
The Pocky Game (Tony Stark X Reader)
You sighed in contentment, lounging on Tony’s floor of Stark Tower while munching on a stick of pocky. You were Bruce’s cousin, and you worked with him and Tony in the lab, living at Stark Tower with them. Over time though, you had developed a crush on the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist. And truth be told, it sucked. He was, obviously, a Playboy, a fact which you hated. Why would he ever like an average, boring scientist like you?
You were watching some shitty reality show, snorting when the several of the main girls got in a cat fight, scratching at each other and pulling each other’s hair.
“You know, they’re actually very lovely people in real life.” Tony said thoughtfully, sliding onto the couch next to you and snaking an arm around your shoulders.
“Oh really?” You asked sarcastically, extracting Tony’s arm from around your shoulder.
“No.” Tony said flatly. You took in his dead serious ex
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 492 62
I will Not Turn The Teacher On by Yuki-Almasy I will Not Turn The Teacher On :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 188 59 You Better Be A Good Student by Yuki-Almasy
Mature content
You Better Be A Good Student :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 184 95
Be Mine by Yuki-Almasy Be Mine :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 182 101 Happy Halloween 2013 by Yuki-Almasy Happy Halloween 2013 :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 137 89 Christmas Time, Wonderful Christmas Time by Yuki-Almasy
Mature content
Christmas Time, Wonderful Christmas Time :iconyuki-almasy:Yuki-Almasy 126 52
I thought you were dead by Sasukes-seme-Itachi I thought you were dead :iconsasukes-seme-itachi:Sasukes-seme-Itachi 61 29 Demotivational - Come To The Time Lord Side by GreenArcherAlchemist Demotivational - Come To The Time Lord Side :icongreenarcheralchemist:GreenArcherAlchemist 349 65 Cup o' Sherlock by IndyScribbable Cup o' Sherlock :iconindyscribbable:IndyScribbable 164 23


  • Listening to: Nightcore
  • Reading: Skulduggery Pleasant!
  • Watching: Supernatural... duh

I have no excuse this time...


SO, um, since my laptop is a convertible tablet I will draw. Today I got a quite shitty tablet pen but it works, so yes, I will be drawing better now! Uhm, thank you for all my watchers who have not given up on me, I love all of you <3

That's all I have to say. GET PREPARED FOR CRAPPY ART!

also crappy angsty/smutty fanfictions that I might upload.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Female, 17 and demisexual :D

I'm seriously into too many fandoms to count XD, but my main ones include;

Doctor Who,
Harry Potter,
Attack On Titan,
Black Butler,
And a whole shitload of other shows and animes of which I can't think of right now don't judge me.

My waifu: :iconmiss-union-jack:



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